Although electrical systems have become increasingly safe in the past few years, electrical accidents are still common across Australia causing mainly injuries but also a few fatalities. Electrical rewiring services may be needed due to damaged electrical wiring or old wiring in your residential and commercial premises. Old wiring needs to be updated to the latest standards, especially in homes that were wired before the late 80s. Through professional electrical wiring, a lot of safety hazards can be avoided in your Melbourne home.

Serious electrical issues such as disintegrating wires, loose joints and arcing are likely to cause fires. They could also potentially cause electrical shocks, especially if the rubber insulation of the wiring has worn off. There are various instances when you might need electrical rewiring on your premises. These include:

  • Age related deterioration may lead to electrical fluctuations or electrical breakdowns. A professional electrician will need to inspect your electrical wiring before recommending a complete rewiring.
  • You have just bought an old property: If you have purchased an old home that was built more than 25 to 30 years ago, then the electrical wiring and fixtures will need to be updated.
  • Your old wiring system is no longer able to meet your current demand or capacity. If a home was built in the 80s or before, the wiring system was probably designed to support a few appliances and now you probably use over 10 appliances. In this case, professional rewiring is required to prevent any electrical hazards.
  • You are getting a lot of electrical shocks and even tripping of the circuit breakers.

At Services Melbourne, you will find professional electricians that have extensive knowledge and experience with Australian electrical standards and codes for both commercial and residential premises.

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