Glass Balustrades

Glass panels are getting increasingly being used in constructing balustrades across Melbourne and Australia as a whole. Whether it is the house interiors, balconies or swimming pool balustrades, glass offers the usual advantages such as a clean, clear and elegant look, clear views, ease of installation and relative affordability for good value.

The professional glaziers on Services Melbourne can customise your glass balustrades so as to match the interior or exterior design of your premises, depending on where they are being used, thus creating an overall harmonious design and look for your premises. Glass balustrades can be used in many areas including swimming pools, balconies, stairways and mezzanines. Thanks to their transparency, they let in a lot of natural lighting into the building.

Glass balustrades are generally quite strong and durable but it is important to ensure that the installation is carried out by a professional. They also provide a safe and secure area in your premises while still maintaining the elegance and stylish look.

When it comes to the installation of glass balustrades in Melbourne, you can pick from a vast array of designs and styles so as to achieve a desired effect. No matter your taste and preferences or the interior and exterior décor of your home, you can always find something that will match it and add that “wow” factor to your premises. 

You can pick from a frameless to semi frameless glass balustrades installations depending on your preferences alongside matching handrails. In case you have already picked the right kind of glass balustrades to include in your premises, you can contact the experts on Services Melbourne to help you with the installations. You can also hire the glaziers on the platform to assist you with the modifications and replacements of your glass balustrades.

All the glaziers here are licensed and certified and adhere to Australian standards and requirements to ensure your glass balustrades are installed accordingly. Contact us today to get a free quote by filling in the form to the right or by clicking on the button below. 

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