Safety Glass

safety glass melbourneSafety glass or laminate glass utilises a polyvinyl interlayer to reinforce and increase the strength of the traditional glass material. This also ensures increased safety of your glass in case of breakage since the polymer layer will hold together the pieces of the broken glass and prevent them from causing injuries. The Australian standards AS1288-2006 recommends that safety glass be used in certain areas such as in the shop front installations.

Another type of safety glass that you can utilise is toughened glass. This has undergone increased strengthening with heat treatment. Unlike the polymer-reinforced glass where the broken pieces are held together, in case of toughened glass, the glass breaks into very tiny pieces which minimise the risk of injury.

Safety Glass In Retail

Many Melbourne businesses install safety glass in their shopfronts to ensure that their businesses are not only secure but also safe in case of glass breakage. In case you are looking for professional safety glass installations in Melbourne, contact Services Melbourne and let us give you the most cost competitive quotations from the expert glaziers in Melbourne. They will respond promptly and offer you quick and efficient service when it comes to your glass safety installation needs in Melbourne.

You might also need safety glass installation services if you live in an older property. In this case, it is likely that the glass installations do not meet Australian standards such as AS1288-2006 so you will be required to make an upgrade where it matters such as in the bathrooms, the shower screens or even some doors and add safety glass installations. Contact us now for the best quotes in Melbourne for your safety glass needs.

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