Roof Valley Repairs

roof valley melbourneValleys are another common feature in most Melbourne roofs. Generally, a single roof might have a single valley or multiple valleys. The valleys refer to the parts of the roofs where two slopes intersect at an angle. These joins or intersection points often experience leakages due to rust or damages on the valleys.

Typically, roof valleys have a lifespan of 20 years after which they need to be replaced or repaired more comprehensively. In practice, that is not always the case. Your roof valleys are not going to last 20 years due to a number of reasons such as the build-up of corrosive debris on the roof. Given Australia’s punishing weather, you wouldn’t expect the roof to last as long as originally anticipated.

Roof valleys can also deteriorate fairly quickly if there are trees such as the gum trees towering over the roof. In this case, it is advisable to carry regular roof cleaning as well as rust proofing so as to extend the life of the roof.

However, if the roof valleys have begun to rust and deteriorate, you can hire the roofing and guttering professionals on Services Melbourne to carry out professional roofing maintenance for you. The roofing specialists and tradies on Services Melbourne will carry out professional maintenance and repairs on your roof valleys that will fix the problem and also extend the life of your roofing for many years to come.

Roof Valley Repairs at Services Melbourne

Whether you need roof valley repointing or complete roof valley replacement, we have the professionals on Service Melbourne that will deliver on your needs with a high standard of craftsmanship ensuring your roofing is watertight for many decades to come.

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