Solar Panels

Solar panel installations melbourneSolar panels still remain a great investment for many Melbourne residents. If you are planning to invest in solar, you have come to the right place. We will help you find reliable and professional solar panel installers that will supply you with quality products along with a professional installation service so that you can begin your journey towards sustainable energy for your home or business on a high.

Many Melbourne residents and businesses install solar panels on their premises due to the generous government incentives as well as the efficiency of the solar systems in meeting their energy needs. Having solar panels on your premises always means energy independence.

Incentives for Installing Solar Panels

Additionally, there is opportunity for incentives and revenues but you need a professional installer with a unique insight into solar panel installations to help you reap and maximise on the benefits of solar panels on your premises. Some 90% of solar panel installations in Melbourne and across Australia are now grid-connected. Only rural areas still use off-grid systems in greater proportion. This allows you to maximise on the feed in tariff regime and generate credits from the solar power that you generate. Financially, this will mean plenty of savings no matter how much power you are using.

The government still offers incentives for solar panel installation in the form if the Small Scale Technology Certificates. However, you need an experienced Melbourne solar installer to help you take advantage of these rebates so that you can have generous discounts on your solar installations based on the size of your system or installed capacity.

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